5 June, 2018

Kowalewski Holdings is proud to announce an exciting new development for the Stratford CBD. In 2016, Kowalewski Holding purchased a number of buildings stretching from the old Carriers Building (south of Paper Plus) to where The Scratching Post is currently located. The development would result in all building being demolished to make way for a state of the art multimillion dollar commercial development, Stratford biggest commercial development in the CBD in years. “After hearing the Stratford District Council announced their plans for Stratford, we felt inspired to invest ourselves.

This is a town our family has grown up in for generations and we want to do our part to see it become a vibrant place again” say Jason Kowalewski, General Manager of Kowalewski Holdings. “We hope our development will spark more investment in the town and especially in our area, help create a vibrant hub were residents and visitors can enjoy our slice of paradise” say Jason. The development as no start or completion date set in stone however Jason say they would be doing everything they can to have the project finished by late 2019 depending on negotiations with current affected tenants.